Leading edge grinding technology - our profession - our passion

Since 1862 we are producing grinding tools in the fourth generation. Best raw materials, well-proven and innovative products as well as our knowledge guarantee our success for more than 150 years.

Profit from our knowledge:

  • custom-made production
  • wide production range
  • assistance to improve your grinding productivity

 Cost free service: We analyse your product with E-Modulus, report and discuss the result with you.


Schleifscheiben von Zische   Schleifsegmente von Zische  Abziehsteine
Grinding Wheels

  Segments for metal processing    Sharpening Stones
Schleifsteine von Zische    Schleiffeilen   Abrichtsteine 
Sanders for the building trade

  Grinding Sticks   Dressing Stones
 Sensenwetzsteine    Gleitschliffkörper von Zische   Abrasive Beläge von Zische 

  Vibratory Grinding Media     Abrasive Linings

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